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Whirlwind Mini 12 Stage Box Snake, 15'
Whirlwind Mini 12 stage box snake

Whirlwind Mini 12 Stage Box Snake, 15'

Low profile audio drop snake - 12 inputs no returns, 15'
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Whirlwind Mini 12 Stage Box Snake

The MINI-6 and MINI-12 are ideal drop snakes for cleaning up cable runs in the studio or on stage. Use them for a keyboard rig, a complex drumkit setup, or any place you need to gather up mic lines. Both units feature clearly labeled side-exit connectors and fit in many places where a traditional box would be too bulky.

  • Clearly labeled side-exit connectors
  • Heavy-duty, reliable construction
  • 12 in, 12 out
  • 15' length

About Whirlwind Medusa Series Snakes
Famous Whirlwind Medusa snakes start with CM rated cable designed to their own specifications, available from 6 to 58 channels.

Whirlwind starts with CM rated cable designed to their own specifications, available from 6 to 58 channels.

Next, after removing the outer jacket, industrial strength shrink tubing is applied over each channel and color coded in groups of 8 channels. Then an extra layer of shrink is applied to each tip for extra strength where it will be exiting the inline connector.

All fanouts feature genuine Whirlwind connectors. Mic channels are numbered and return connectors are lettered. Clear tubing over each group of eight channels and larger tubing over entire fan. These can be slid down over each group and over the fan when disconnected to prevent tangling during storage and transport. Another extra detail found in all Whirlwind snakes.

One of the best ways to judge a snake's quality is to look inside at what isn't usually seen. If it looks good inside, you know there will be quality built in throughout. Wire ties are found at all critical stress points and the heavy gauge steel box features a true Kellems strain relief and grip.

Every Whirlwind Medusa, from the MINI-6 to their giant Concert Systems are built with the same attention to detail.

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