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Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller Module
Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller Module

Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller Module

Discrete VCA and Vactrol Based VCF Module - 16hp
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Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller Module

The Amplitude & Tone controller is a totally discrete VCA with simultaneous exponential and linear CV input. It also contains an all discrete, Vactrol based VCF with diode limited resonance. It also has a discrete input gain stage. Careful balancing of the input gain and resonance control sets the mix of self oscillation and input signal, distorted on the VCA input if desired.

The Input Gain Stage
The “gain” control should initially be set to the middle position. It sets the gain of the signal going into the filter and can be used to set the amount of clipping is desired on the input signal.

The Lowpass Filter
The lowpass filter section has a “cutoff” control for setting the cutoff frequency initially, and a reversing attenuator on cv input mixed with the panel control. There is also a panel control to add resonance. This filter will self oscillate at higher settings and clip it’s output stage. Balancing the gain and resonance controls allows a variety of timbres.

The Voltage Controlled Amplifier
The “Amplitude” control sets the initial gain of the VCA. From external control voltage, both exponential and linear control can be used at the same time. Both of these inputs have reversing attenuators and unlike other “2600 style” VCAs, either can reduce the gain of the other.
The core of the VCA is built from discrete transistor pairs. The output gain stage is also a discrete opamp.

There are no ICs in the signal path.


• 16 HP

• 30mA +12, 20mA -12

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