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Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha-Link MADI-AX
Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha-Link

Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha-Link MADI-AX

24-channels of transparent analog AD/DA with ADAT lightpipe I/O and SSL's analog magic.
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The XLogic Alpha-Link Audio I/O range is one of the best-kept secrets of pro audio (well, not any more). Offering incredible bang for the buck, the Alpha Link range provides 24 channels of transparent SSL AD/DA conversion at less than half the price of 16 channels of competing professional-level converters. Another important thing to remember is that in order to do great conversion, you have to know how to do great analog and who knows analog better than SSL?

The Alpha Link AX shares an almost identical feature set to the Alpha Link MADI AX (see # 180183) but strips away the MADI functionality to deliver a super ADAT Lightpipe-based SSL enhanced AD/DA solution that hits an impressive price-to-performance ratio giving you 24 channels of analog AD/DA and 24 channels of ADAT lightpipe I/O simultaneously. The Alpha Link AX can also be used as a standalone format converter.

Setup Guide
The Alpha Link AX does not have internal DSP mixing, which means you can t mix all 24 inputs to a single stereo output with the Alpha Link AX alone. For that kind of functionality, you'll need a PCIe card such as the RME HDSPe RayDAT (see #500413), which gives you 4 x ADAT I/O or 36 channels ADAT audio at 24-bit/48kHz (more than enough for the Alpha Link), and it also gives you RME's TotalMix DSP software. This will give you an extremely powerful and professional solution for your digital audio workstation.

Another recommended setup would be for those want to use a mixing console with their DAW, such as the Toft ATB-24A (#580040), which would provide a complete AD/DA-analog recording and mixing setup. Another unit that we recommend with this setup would be a D-Sub/TT patchbay such as the Switchcraft 9625 TT Patchbay (#501601) with Planet Waves Modular Snakes (#334007 & 334008) for quick and easy setup.


  • 24 analog inputs and outputs with SSL enhanced AD/DA at up to 96kHz on D-Sub connectors (for use with D-Sub to XLR looms)
  • Word/SuperClock input and output
  • Video Sync input functionality for the WordClock input: the Video Sync. signal can be converted to WordClock internally and transmitted via the WordClock output
  • MIDI input and output
  • All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration
  • Comprehensive input/output routing and mode selection matrix
  • Analogue input/output metering via 24 tri-color LEDs

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