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Radikal Technology Delta CEP A Desktop
Radikal Technology Delta CEP A
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Radikal Technology Delta CEP A Desktop

4 voice Paraphonic Desktop Synthesizer with 5 LFOs, Analog and Digital Filters, MIDI/CV interface, 5 stereo FXs and 28 RGB LEDs

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Radikal Technology Delta CEP A

Delta CEP A is a monstrous sounding synth, capable of playing huge in-your-face monophonic leads or rich 4 voice chords in paraphonic mode! It has all the necessary elements to get you started in the Eurorackformat with an abundance of patch connectivity (17 inputs and 14 outputs). It's also available as a standalone desktop synthesizer! It's 28 RGB LED's provide real-time visual feedback in a stunning and elegant user interface. Oh, and did we mention it has 5 types of true stereo FX?

Revolutionary Snapshot Interpolation
Snapshot Interpolation technology was first used by Radikal Technologies in their Swarm Oscillator and EFFEXX Eurorack Modules and is expanded upon in new ways by the Delta CEP A. The Interpolation function allows users to save "Snapshots" of every single parameter of the Delta CEP A. Think of it as saving patch presets! You can save up to 8 Snapshots of the parameter settings and Step or Morph between those settings! You could switch the Wave or Filter type, the Cutoff or ADSR settings, or even the type of FX that are applied to a certain Snaphot. This creates a unique way to achieve new sonic textures when blending between them, or to simply switch to a completely different sounding Snapshot on the fly! The Delta CEP A allows 6 different types of Snapshot interpolation! Those types are conveniently printed on the front panel of the unit. You can simply Step or Blend between the Snapshots, or you can use a Mod Wheel, Velocity, or Aftertouch from a MIDI Keyboard to change the Snapshots! Lastly, of course, you can use Control Voltage!

The Perfect Semi-modular rig
The Delta CEP A is perfect for obtaining rich sonic textures with or without patching! You can use it to control or augment various other modules in your Eurorack setup, or use it as a standalone module. The Delta CEP A boasts a MIDI/CV interface, an LFO with 5 different wave types, a Mixer section with optional noise, a snappy ADSR envelope, variable state Analog and Digital Filter section, a VCA, and FX section with 5 types of true stereo effects! You can also chain the Delta CEP A with the Radikal Technologies Swarm Oscillator via a ribbon cable to get even more voices!

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