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Musitek SmartScore X2 Midi Edition
Musitek SmartScore X2 Midi Edition
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Musitek SmartScore X2 Midi Edition

Turn sheet music into MIDI files. Features full ENF and MIDI editing
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Musitek SmartScore X2 Midi Edition

Turn sheet music into MIDI files. Full ENF and MIDI editing.
Limits: 4 staves / No text or lyrics / No printing / MIDI output only / no TAB or percussion.

Sheet music to MIDI in seconds. Scan multiple pages of printed sheet music and watch as it reconstructs onscreen in seconds, ready for playback, editing and transposition. Export MIDI files to other programs, including Apple GarageBand. An elegant interface includes split screen viewing of both the original scan and the editable SmartScore ENF view. With the Tile feature, you can simultaneously view MIDI data in the familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event list formats.

More accuracy, more features and even more simplicity

  • Smart scanning interface with automatic scanner settings. No expertise required. Automatic resolution (dpi) selection. Simplified multi-page scanning within a single file.
  • Recogntion accuracy exceeds 99% on well-printed scores.
  • Recognizes more musical symbols more accurately.
  • Improved text and lyric OCR.
  • Complex structures recognized including repeats, segnos, coda signs, broken systems (coda breaks), cross-staff beaming/voicing, optimized systems, ossias and grace notes.

More accurate playback

  • Realistic nuance. Most all tempo, dynamic and articulation marks are recognized and automatically applied to playback.
  • Assign different instrument sounds to parts with a single click. Assign different sounds to contrapuntal voices!
  • Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
  • Automatic Drum Groove instantly adds rhythms based on style and beat. Insert unlimited number of grooves.
  • Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
  • Control default playback behavior of trills, accents, ritards, hairpins, accelerandos, pickup and closeout measures.
  • MIDI editor includes familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event List. Two-way Notes-MIDI-Notes transparency.

Advanced music editing

  • New scoring environment rebuilt from the ground-up for maximum ease and simplicity. Now it's easier than ever to edit scanned in music or to create professional scores.
  • Flexible score displays: Continuous horizontal view or Multi-page view.
  • Error check automatically highlights problem measures
  • System width tabs. Plus line, staff and system spacing tabs.
  • Advanced page layout controls and print previewing. Create production-quality page formats for print or PDF output.

More Useful Functions

  • Transpose by key or by clef for diverse instruments
  • Extract parts out of scores or combine parts into a conductor's score
  • Program and Document preferences. Change the look and feel of the interface to suit your needs.
  • Karaoke view with moving or stationary bouncing ball and moving or refreshed lyrics.
  • Add "hidden" obects from view and from printing.
  • Create musical scores from preset templates or from imported MIDI files
  • Save to MIDI Type I and Type II formats. Create Audio-CDs from finished files.

Windows XP / 2000x
Pentium I or better
256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space

OS 10.4 (Tiger)
G3 or better / Dual Core for Universal
256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space

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