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Mogami DB25 to TRS Analog Interface Cable - 15ft.
Mogami DB25 to TRS Analog Interface Cable - 15ft.

DB25 to TRS Analog Interface Cable - 15ft.

Eight-channel I/O with standard analog pinouts will fit Apogee, Mackie, Sony, Tascam and Yamaha
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Mogami DB25 to TRS Analog Interface Cable - 15ft.

Mogami Multi-Channel Snake Cables are world renowned, and are found in high-end professional studios, weaving out of rackmount and console equipment. It is based on Mogami's own #2932 Neglex multipair snake cable, which is well respected for its neutral tone, remarkable transmission of audio detail, noise-free background and super-flexible jacket.

  • Individually twisted shielded pairs, available in 2 to 48 channels.

  • XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) insulation provides superb electrical characteristics and will not melt or shrink back during soldering.

  • Rugged and flexible construction that is easy to handle, even at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F).

  • Easy cable identification system:

    • Channel numbers are printed and underlined on each core jacket to ensure correct identification, regardless of which end is stripped.

    • Outer jackets of each pair are colour coded by standard resistor colour code, allowing quick identification of conductor pairs.

    • Inner conductors are also colour coded based on the international standard resistor colour code. Each pair is colour coded by jacket and conductor colour combination.

  • Each channel has a drain wire and served (spiral) bare copper shield. The drain wire simplify termination and can be crimped by the same size contact as the inner conductor pair.

  • CL2 rated version available. Conductor size of CL2 rated version is thicker #25AWG so that it is also recommended for rugged application and firm and easier crimp terminal connector wiring as well as NEC fire regulation requirement.

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