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Line 6 JTV-59 Standard Black
Line 6 JTV-59 Standard Black
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Line 6 JTV-59 Standard Black

Huge price drop, was $1499, James Tyler-designed Modeling Electric Guitar with Contoured Mahogany Neck and Body, Maple Top, 2 Custom P-90 Pickups, and Switchable Models and Tunings - Black Top
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Availability: Discontinued, no longer available
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Line 6 JTV-59 Standard Black

Please note, this item takes 48 hours to ship in order for it to be properly set up before shipping so it can be used as soon as it arrives.

Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench software give you unlimited tonal potential

This Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax packs the latest Variax HD upgrade, bringing you more stellar models of rare vintage electric guitars, classic acoustic guitars, and exotic instruments. You'll be blown away once you start exploring these with the Workbench HD software, which gives you more tonal control and all-around tweakability than you ever thought possible. Create your own unique instrument model, then use Workbench HD to fine-tune individual string pitch, string volume, pickup position, and much more. You've never tweaked your tone like you can with the JTV-59 James Tyler Variax!

It's like owning dozens of different instruments, plus your own workshop
Right out of the case, your Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax comes with dozens of impeccable instrument models. Rare vintage electrics, fabulous acoustics, and even exotic instruments are waiting at your fingertips. The latest Variax HD software brings you more stellar HD instrument and pickup models than ever before, and the real magic happens when you tap into the Workbench HD software. It lets you combine your favorite body styles, pickup models, and components to create your own unique instruments. You're guaranteed to be well-equipped for any studio or stage situation with the Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax.

Designed by a master luthier for top-notch performance and playability
With its mahogany body and carved maple top, the Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax is built just like some of the most beloved guitars ever made. It was designed by master luthier James Tyler, who has created instruments for countless session players and performers. Equipped with pickups custom-designed by James Tyler and wound to his exacting specs, you'll find the JTV-59 James Tyler Variax to be an amazingly playable guitar even before you ever try out the superb modeling technology.

Dual-core Processor
Dual-core processor delivers 4 times the punch. This new chip is smaller, faster, and more powerful allowing; fuller, clearer models of guitar bodies and pickups; all models to have alternate tunings ; improved alternate tuning purity and speed; provide alternate tuning customization; improved modes of operation and editing. The JVT sounds and responds surprisingly more like a traditional guitar.

Variax Workbench Software
Variax Workbench software is a virtual custom shop. This free software, which can be downloaded from the Line-6 web site, lets you create custom models on your computer and upload them to your JTV-59 via its built-in USB port. Choose from famous guitar bodies, pickups, pickup placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak away until you've designed the guitar of your dreams without choking on sawdust!

This combination USB interface and software package for James Tyler Variax guitars allows you to see and hear the physical changes to your custom guitar in real-time. Ever wonder what a single-coil pickup would sound like on a hollow-body guitar tuned an octave down? Probably not. That's because it wasn't a reality until now.

The Alt Tune Knob
Each James Tyler Variax modeling guitar has a dedicated Alt Tune knob. This knob has 12 settings, including two labeled "Model" and "Standard." Set to "Model," the Alt Tune knob lets you access the alternate tunings you created using Variax Workbench virtual guitar workbench software. These tunings are stored on your Variax's Model knob. Set to "Standard," the Alt Tune knob overrides saved tunings to set every model to standard "E-to-E" tuning. The Alt Tune knob's remaining 10 settings are the most commonly used tunings found in the popular genres of the day.

The Virtual capo feature lets you easily transpose any song to the key that suits your vocalist. And you can adjust your tuning on the fly without having to do on "Workbench" software.

Battery powered DSP
A proprietary lithium-ion battery delivers at least 12 hours of continuous performance. A 4-LED battery life meter lets you know how much rocking time you have left. Rolling down the volume knob when not playing will automatically put the DSP to sleep and helps maximize battery life. So even with your cable still plugged in, you will not be using battery power. DSP wakes up instantly when you turn the volume back up. The JTV-59 functions as a standard electric guitar whether the battery installed or not.


  • Innovative guitar with onboard instrument models, pickup models, and on-demand alternate tunings
  • Included HD upgrade gives you even more HD instrument and HD pickup models than ever before
  • Workbench HD software lets you fine-tune individual string pitch, volume, pickup position, and more
  • Solid mahogany body and carved maple top offer rich tone with excellent note definition
  • GraphTech nut and custom tuners give you top-notch tuning stability and reliability
  • Completely designed by master luthier James Tyler, including custom-wound pickups
  • Includes Li-Ion battery, switching power supply, and Workbench USB adapter

Alternate tunings for JTV-59:

    Model. Access the alternate tunings you created using Variax Workbench™, Line 6′s virtual guitar workbench software.

    Standard (E A D G B E). By far the most popular tuning on a 6-string guitar.

    Drop D (D A D G B E). The low E string is dropped down a full step from Standard tuning. This popular tuning has been used by bands and artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Pantera and even The Beatles on "Dear Prudence."

    1/2 Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb). Each string is tuned down one half step compared to Standard tuning. Some of the greatest guitarists of all time, including Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, played almost exclusively 1/2 Down.

    Drop Db (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb). Compared to Drop D, every string is dropped an additional half step. This tuning was made famous by Eddie Van Halen on the 1981 song, "Unchained,” and popularized by bands such as Nirvana on their In Utero album, Evanescence, Linkin Park, System of a Down and more.

    1 Down (D G C F A D). This tuning is one full step down from Standard, and used by artists and bands including Elliot Smith, John Fogerty and Shadows Fall. You can also find it on Nirvana's "Come As You Are," "Lithium" and "Drain You," as well as Metallica’s "Sad but True" and "Devil's Dance.”

    DADGAD (D A D G A D). This tuning is common in Celtic music as well as hard rock. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page famously used DADGAD on “Kashmir.”

    Open D (D A D F# A D). Also known as Vestopol tuning, Open D is popular because it allows easy access to major and minor chords. Favored by country and blues musicians, Open D is frequently used for slide and, on acoustics, finger-picking. You can find it on Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks album, Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave” and Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow.

    Blues G (D G D G B D). Also known as Open G, Spanish Tuning or Chicago Tuning, Blues G was used by The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, in Mississippi blues by Son House, Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, and in Pink Floyd’s "Fearless.”

    Reso G (G B D G B D). The standard tuning for squareneck dobros, this is traditionally used for bluegrass dobro stylings.

    Open A (E A C# E A E). One step higher than G tuning.

    Baritone (B E A D F# B). This tuning is popular with a variety of hard rock and metal bands, from the Foo Fighters to Carcass.

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March 20, 2018
Reviewer: Scott Gross from Sunbury, PA United States  
Beautiful instrument.