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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep II Controller
Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep II Controller
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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep II Controller

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller with 10 Multi-function Keys, USB Ouput, and Navigation Pad
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Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep II Controller

SoftStep II is a leap forward in the evolution of MIDI foot controllers. 10 pads equipped with Smart Sensor technology each send up to 6 unique messages in 3 dimensions for unparalleled control.

It's USB bus powered and has an expression port to plug in an expression pedal (volume pedals are not supported). There is also an Expansion port for SoftStep MIDI Expander (sold separately) to enable use without a computer to control your MIDI synth and/or rack. Power can also be supplied through the expansion port.

It has blue backlighting so you can see it well on stage. There is a 4 character alpha numeric display that is user programmable. There are also LEDs for each key that can be programmed to display your choice of data.

SoftStep II is rubberized and has a carbon fiber back to give it maximum strength and stability.

Each key is responsive to 5 degrees of control: X and Y axis, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation, and pressure. These control sources are mappable to any MIDI or OSC destination.

The SoftStep II application works with the SoftStep hardware controller to manipulate sensor data that gives the player a nearly infinite degree of control and possibility. The SoftStep II multitouch controller has 10 key pads, each with Sensor Key Technology enabling 5 degrees of freedom that are unique to each key. These parameters include X, Y, Clockwise Rotation, Counter Clockwise Rotation and Pressure. These sources can be mapped to destinations up to six times for each key providing the possibility of a dense data source from a single motion of the foot.

Brilliantly Backlit
SoftStep 2 provides visual feedback from backlit keys, LED indicators, and an alphanumeric display.

Smart Fabric
Complete gestural control. A Smart Fabric layer under each key detects foot position and pressure in real time.

Road Proof
Durable by design. Softstep 2 has been tested to survive spills, 2-story falls onto concrete, and being run over by a car.

New SoftStep II Editor Software
Basic Editor
SoftStep Basic Editor is an easy way to program presets taking advantage of the most commonly requested sources and messages.

Advanced Editor
SoftStep II Advanced Editor allows you to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of the SoftStep. More fully featured than the Basic Editor, the Advanced Editor is for users who want to get the very most out of their SoftStep II.

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