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IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX - Download
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX - Download
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IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX - Download

Electronic Download Only. The signature sound of Ampeg's SVT bass amp - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU
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IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX

Please note this is available via ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD only, your download code will be sent to you in 30 minutes or less during normal business hours. There are NO returns on this product.

Legendary Bass Tones in a Plug-In

Ampeg SVX: Humungous Sound Waves causing Aural Tsunami-Type Euphoria
Ampeg SVX recreates the sounds, operation and feel of the world's most influential line of bass amplifiers and brings it to your desktop. You'll get the legendary sounds of the SVT-CL, the B-15, the 4Pro and BA500, all in a convenient lightweight and easy-to-use package.

When you think Ampeg, you think huge stadium bass tone… the Rolling Stones '69 tour with the wall of SVT Classic Heads and 810 cabinets. The sound of Rock & Roll — early Van Halen through AC/DC to Dave Matthews Band. You think the Motown sounds of James Jamerson and that fabulous "round" bass sound only a B-15 Flip Top can provide — the sounds that DEFINED, and DEFINE, bass.
So really you think "legendary". The sounds of Ampeg amplifiers are the sound of a bass revolution — the voice of generations of musical identity and groove definition that are synonymous with the fabric of our core as musicians. These are the tools we use to express our inner groove. These are our…

Get Legendary Tones. But what's behind a "Legend"?
You hear the term "legendary" and "legendary tone" thrown around a lot these days. Everyone is trying to "capture that legendary tone." But if you think about it, what does it really mean? What's behind "legendary" that makes it so?
If you dig deep, at the core of everything "legendary" you'll find one common thread — innovation. And at the heart of innovation is the challenge of the norm, a spirited approach that focuses thinking on not "what is" but "what if."

Stadium Bass Tones, no Chiropractors
That's exactly what you get with the Ampeg SVX models. 100% pure Ampeg Bass Tone. Take 175lbs of "legendary" earth-shaking back-breaking roadie-killing bass gear and compress it into a mere 3-pound delicate instrument that can equally produce such raw power and emotion and you've got our "what if" thinking, and you've got the Ampeg SVX suite of Bass Amps and Bass effects. Innovative? Absolutely. Legendary? Hmmmm…

The SVT Classic. The B-15 "Flip Top". The SVT-4Pro.
Let's face it - We could say anything here. But fact the fact is, Ampeg chose us, IK Multimedia to create digital models of their most prized gear. Frankly, that should really say it all. However, if you're an Ampeg Fan, let us make you all warm and fuzzy inside. With the SVX package, you get the Ampeg "Greatest Hits" amps — the earth-shattering sound of Rock & Roll bass from the Grandaddy of them all – the SVT. The smooth groove making rolls of the B-15. The scooped "edgy-ness" of the 4Pro. All Tube, all legendary, all Ampeg.

These amps and cabinets have a firm place in music history, but more importantly have the foresight and innovation that will drive the future of music.

So accurate it even shut down
Actually, this is true. Funny story… during the first phase of testing with the Engineers at Ampeg, one particular software model was being driven so hard that it "shut down." Completely stopped working. Nada, nothing. Oh crap — we thought we were in trouble. But the lead engineer at Ampeg approved the model on the spot. You see, there was a slight design flaw in the actual amplifier being modeled that would cause a power fault shutdown if the amp was driven too hard for too long. The software model was in fact so accurate that it even replicated this design flaw… that's how accurate it is. If you think about it, it's the software engineer's equivalent of the "no brown M&Ms" rider clause in a performance contract — so it looks like we're playing tonight. But don't worry. We took took the "shutdown" feature out of our models so you can rock all night. Really.

Life Below 250Hz (250Hz Under the Sea)
As Bass players, we live in a different, delightful world. Some would call it the "sub" world… the basement… the underground. We prefer "the Foundation." And Ampeg SVX delivers the foundation in spectacular form. You'll find the bass sound you need here to hold it down… the keep the drummer in check, and to guide the rest of the band through the complex musical journeys as only a true pro bass player can do.

So we're glad you're here. And hear. Welcome to the new worlds of legendary bass tones… Welcome to Ampeg SVX.

How it works
If you play, it makes sense. If not, it still makes sense.
If you're familiar with our other products, then you're right at home. Ampeg SVX works just like AmpliTube 3, AmpliTube Fender™, and our other guitar products. If you play bass through an amplifier instead, still, you're right at home.

Signal Flow-er. Your Bass will bloom.
Bass —> Tuner —> PedalBoard (if needed) —> Amp —> Cab/Mic/Room —> Post Effects —> Groovealicious Euphoria.
Ampeg SVX is extremely intuitive because it works just like your rig, only lighter. Make no mistake. The sounds from Ampeg SVX are authentic, true-to-the-original bass tones from the world's most respected line of bass amplifiers. What's different is the packaging.
Ampeg SVX starts with the ONE effect that makes every player sound great — the Tuner. Then your signal runs through a virtual dual pedal board. You daisy-chain pedals together, mix and match, drag and drop. Instantly reconfigure the order of pedals simply by grabbing one and dragging it to its new position in the signal chain. (Ampeg SVX has an automatic "unplug" and "plug in" feature in the pedalboards.)

Let it Go to your Head
The B-15 looks, acts and sounds like a B-15. The SVT-CL looks, acts and sounds like an SVT. The 4Pro looks, acts and sounds like a 4Pro. See a pattern here?
Then your signal travels to the Bass Head. Choose from four groove making machines… The SVT-CL Classic Head, the SVT-4Pro, The B-15R and the BA500 (combo, but the preamp and power sections have been digitally surgically "separated" from the cabinet). Here you can tweak your tone to perfection.

Next Stop: The Bass Cabinet
Some people argue that the cabinet is the single most important "tone" feature for a bass rig. With that in mind, we completely re-engineered the cabinet section, providing you with more realistic bass response than any other bass amp simulation package. The new section allows you to freely position two microphones in front of the speaker, plus add room ambience with a stereo pair of condenser mics that allows you to adjust the "spread" and depth of the room. The result? Ultra-accurate bass response plus the ability to mix in the perfect amount of room warmth. Boom.

Plays well with others
If you already have an AmpliTube package, don't worry. The Ampeg SVX suite integrates seamlessly into your current architecture. All you have to do is start your version, and Ampeg is automatically there.
If you use the AmpliTube Custom Shop, once you purchase the Ampeg SVX package or individual amps, they automatically show up. If you use only the Ampeg SVX package, we're not having this conversation. But you can add more gear to the Ampeg package via the Custom Shop. Plus, we're constantly adding new models to the custom shop

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