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Chicken Systems Translator Hi-Tech Edition
Chicken Systems Translator Pro - Hi-Tech Edition

Chicken Systems Translator Hi-Tech Edition

Translator is the universal translator for all the crazy pro sampler sound formats that are offered it some of the most popular programs around.
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Chicken Systems Translator Hi-Tech Edition

Translator™ 6 Hi-Tech Edition includes everything below, plus the reading and writing of Synclavier, Fairlight, Waveframe, and Dream disks and files.

Translator™ 6 converts professional sampler formats.

Take any sampler CD-ROM/disk and Translator™ 6 can convert one or any of its Programs, Instruments, or Samples - or the entire CD-ROM/disk - into another format that you can use directly with that sampler!

Program parameter information is translated, as well as the samples and structure. Wavedata, keymaps, looping, effects - EVERYTHING. No program translates better. Translator™ 6 pays attention to the small details, faithfully replicating your sounds.

Translator™ 6 is a cross platform application - comes in Universal Binary Mac OSX (Intel AND PPC) and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP-compatible flavors, and can translate practically every professional format, from Kontakt, Giga3/GigaStudio, EXS24, Structure, SFZ, Alchemy, Reason NN-XT, SoundFont, SampleCell, Kurzweil, Ensoniq, Akai, Emu, Roland, and many more. This enables musicians to use practically any sound for their sampler, no matter what format it is in.

Translator™ 6 has a huge destination format list, mostly encompassing all professional formats, like the ones above. Translator™ 6's current destination list includes Kontakt, EXS24, Structure, Independence, HALion, Reason NN-XT, SampleTank, SFZ, Roland MV8000 and Fantom, Alesis Fusion, Korg kROnos/M3/Triton, and NI's Battery.

Translator™ 6 offers a huge amount of ancillary functions, such as special utilities of every sampler format. Of particular interest is the Reference Manager, which can relink and change the links to external samples from their program files. Other functions include Bulk Editing, the Loop Manager, Extend Key Ranges, merging, and much more.

Translator™ 6 also introduces multiple docking windows for excellent use of screen space. Also included is the new SimpleTranslation™ feature, where you simply drag a source file on the application Icon, and Translator automatically translates into your preferred format and location.

Now entering it's 18th year in production, Translator™ 6 is THE industry standard when it comes to professional instrument conversion software.

Supported Platforms Mac: OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger; PPC and Intel processors (Universal Binary) - Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3

Update Policy All Updates are free; you can update from the program itself or check the manual for the location of the Update Area.

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