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Allen and Heath Xone DB4 DJ FX Mixer/Interface
Allen and Heath Xone DB4 DJ FX Mixer/Interface

Allen and Heath Xone DB4 DJ FX Mixer/Interface

DJ Mixer and MIDI Controller with 10-in/10-out 24-bit/96kHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 3 RIAA Phono Preamplifiers, and 227 MIDI Messages - Mac/PC
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Allen and Heath Xone DB4 DJ FX Mixer/Interface

Allen & Heath's Xone:4D mixer is poised to redefine your DJ-ing experience, as this powerful 20-channel USB audio interface seamlessly integrates with your workflow. It combines a professional analog DJ mixer with 105 MIDI controllers, 227 MIDI messages, and high-end 24-bit/96kHz performance, so it's set to handle the most cutting-edge of DJ needs. The Xone:4D sports four multi-input stereo channels, with RIAA preamplifiers for turntables on three inputs. Add to all that full-on Live and Traktor Scratch compatibility, and you'll be set with the Allen & Heath Xone:4D.

Puts you in charge of your favorite DJ software
Allen & Heath worked with top DJs to develop the powerful Xone:4D - it's designed to work with today's top DJ software programs, including Ableton Live and Traktor Scratch. In fact, the Xone:4D is loaded with MIDI controls - there are 227 MIDI messages available from 105 separate MIDI controls, allowing for an incredibly flexible workflow. Plus, you can assign controls on two different MIDI layers, so you can get twice as much out of each assignable knob and button on the Xone:4D. In all, there are eight 60mm linear faders, 16 detented rotary pots, 10 rotary encoders, 50 switches, two custom jog wheels with four micro switches, and eight illuminated push switches.

Robust mixer and interface give you the right tools for studio or stage
With its amazing array of MIDI controls, you may think that the Xone:4D is mainly meant to help "in-the-box" DJs get their hands on their sound - and it certainly does well at just that. But, the Allen & Heath Xone:4D is also packed with a 20-channel USB audio interface - with three stereo RIAA preamplifiers - so you can bring your other gear into service. Plus, you can route direct outputs for channels 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8, for unique setups. Other features onboard the Xone:4D DJ mixer include a 3-band total-kill EQ (6dB to off), two FX sends (pre/post selection, internal on FX2), two stereo returns, a headphone monitor with mix/cue control, two analog VCF filters, filter-assignable LFO with depth control and editable fader step-filter, a redesigned BPM detection circuit, a microphone input, and a dual-rail VCA crossfader.

  • 4 multi-input stereo channels: RIAA preamps for turntables on 3 inputs, (channel 4 is Line/Line)
  • Soundcard output routing switches for each channel (1-2, 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8)
  • 3-band total kill EQ: 6dB to off
  • 2 FX sends: pre/post selection (internal on FX2)
  • 2 stereo returns
  • Headphone monitor with mix/cue control: 3.5mm and ?? sockets
  • 2 analogue VCF filters low-pass, band-pass, high-pass (can be combined for more filter types), resonance frequency, and filter "on" switch
  • Filter-assignable LFO with depth control and brand-new editable fader step-filter function
  • Completely redesigned and functionally improved BPM detection circuit.
  • Mic input: On XLR connector; gain control and 2-band EQ control available: routable straight to soundcard.
  • Power supply: High performance internal switch-mode supply
  • RIAA: for 3 turntables (four via internal jumper link)
  • Dual-rail VCA Cross Fader
  • Included Accessories: USB cable, User Guide, Spare Knobs and Faders, and A&H stickers

USB 2.0 Soundcard:
  • 20-channel 24-bit/96kHz soundcard connecting via wide-bandwidth USB 2.0 (480Mbit/s)
  • Uses 24-bit stereo AD/DA converters
  • 10-in / 10-out (4 stereo in, optical in / 4-stereo out, optical out)
  • No software configuration utility, all front panel switched.
  • Inputs fed from Mic, FX2, FX1, Main Mix or from stereo channels 1-4
  • Sends - Mix, FX, or individual analogue channels may be routed to PC or digital outputs.
  • New record output
  • FX2 RCA outputs can be switched to a RCA record output
  • Mac/PC compatible

MIDI Controls:
  • 2 separate layers of MIDI controllers with control pickup algorithm ensuring a smooth transition between layers
  • 227 MIDI-control messages available from 105 separate MIDI controls
  • 8 x 60mm linear faders
  • 16 x detented rotary pots
  • 10 rotary encoders
  • 50 switches
  • 2 custom jog wheels with 4 micro switches
  • 8 illuminated push switches

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