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Roland XV-5080 Used

Roland XV-5080 Used

Roland XV-5080 Used

Used, Customer Trade in. 128-Voice Synthesizer capable of extensive layering and multitimbral applications.
List Price: $1,499.00
Our Price: $629.99
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Availability: Discontinued, no longer available
Product Code: SKU17509

All used gear comes with a 90 day warranty and is tested and working before it leaves our shop. This unit is in excellent like new condition and had very few hours on it, however it does have scratches on the top where it was removed from the rack. The power cord is included, manual can be downloaded from Roland.

The XV-5080, 128-Voice Synthesizers represent a quantum leap forward in synthesizer design" far surpassing other instruments in terms of sound, expressiveness and expandability. The result of years of Roland research, this amazing synth feature 128 voices, true stereo waveforms per Tone, powerful Matrix Control, expandability via quality-intensive SRX- and various SR-JV80-Series wave expansion boards, Roland/Akai sample library compatibility and a host of professional studio-quality effects.

  • 128-voice synth module with 64MB internal wave memory
  • Convert/loads Roland S-700-Series, Akai S1000/S3000, AIFF and WAV format files via SCSI port or from SmartMedia using optional SIMM memory (128MB max.)
  • Effects derived from Roland SRV-3030, V-Studios, RSS and COSM instruments
  • "SRXpandable" via 4 SRX-Series 64MB wave expansion boards plus four SR-JV80-Series wave expansion boards (Max. total wave memory 512MB)
  • R-BUS port for 8-channel digital output to R-BUS-Ready devices and interfaces
Advance Synthesis
The XV-5080 Synthesizer Module boasts 32-part multitimbral operation, room for four SRX-Series and four SR-JV80-Series expansion boards, Roland/Akai sample-playback capabilities, COSM effects, a larger LCD, plus digital outputs in S/PDIF and R-BUS formats.

Expressing the Delicate Nuances of Sound
128-Voice Polyphony and Unprecedented Wave Memory
While some manufacturers rely on multiple sound sources or expansions to achieve higher polyphony, the Roland XV-5080 obtains its 128-Voice polyphony through a single, powerful sound engine. This means even the most complex multitimbral arrangements and layers can be created using just one XV-Series synthesizer.

There are 424 new waveforms, each painstakingly sampled to achieve a level of realism never before possible. These new waves include everything from lively stereo grand pianos to sampled guitars capable of reproducing slide and harmonic performances. In addition, there are new expressive Rhodes pianos, rock organs, saxophone, orchestra unisons, and analog synthesizer waves" plus new drum sets that must be heard to be believed.

In addition to these new waveforms, the XV-5080 includes all of the internal waveforms of the JV-2080, ensuring backward compatibility with all XP/JV-Series synths. Roland even mined the archives to include 112 waveforms from the legendary JD-990. These waveforms are perfect for sound designing and offer a variety of analog waves, attack transients and spectrum loops.

Continuing Roland's commitment to expandability, the XV-5080 can use a combination of quality-intensive SRX-Series 64MB wave expansion boards and any current SR-JV80-Series boards. The next-generation SRX-Series boards boast more memory than any other expansion card currently available, yielding absolutely stunning sound quality to put the XV-Series in the running with high-end samplers. In fact, a completely expanded XV-5080 offers instant access to 512MB* of waves" by far surpassing flagship samplers on the market. And navigating through Patches and bookmarking your favorites for instant recall is a breeze thanks to a Patch Finder button and new Favorite List function. Put simply, Roland's XV-Series synthesizers, combined with SRX-Series expansion boards, are the most powerful instruments in Roland history.
* When converted to 16-bit linear format.

Stereo Playback Capability per Tone
With the XV-5080 comes enhanced Roland tonal architecture; XV-5080 synths can play back two waveforms per Tone. Since a Patch can use up to four Tones, this makes for some incredible 4-stage velocity switching or four-zone keyboard splits, each using a stereo waveform within a single Patch. A Lock Legato function even allows precise legato performance of the waveforms. So now, for the first time, even the most delicate expressions can be reproduced at the Patch level without running out of polyphony thanks to the XV's 128-voice design.

Endless Modulation via Matrix Control
Whether it be a hint of vibrato or a sudden change in pitch, the XV-5080 utilizes an extensive set of modulation routings called Matrix Control to add even more nuance to its sounds. A total of four destinations can be assigned per source, each having its own bi-polar sensitivity parameter. Modulation can be switched on or off for specific Tones" even added inversely. Or, use the Tone Mix Table to control the independent levels of each Tone via a modulation source. Combined with enormous hardwired routings and other advanced synthesis functions, the expressive possibilities are endless.

Studio-Quality Effects Onboard
The XV-5080 synthesizer has powerful DSP effects onboard, incorporating independent reverb, chorus, and studio-quality multi-effects processors. The lush, ambient reverb algorithms are derived from Roland's top-of-the-line SRV-3030 24-bit Digital Reverb Processor. The chorus section produces a rich, thick modulation perfect for fattening up leads and pads.

The M-FX section contains all of the JV-2080's EFX algorithms, plus popular V-Studio effects, RSS, and unique algorithms like 3D Delay, Slicer, formant filter, Isolator, and a triplet-based Shuffle Delay. The M-FX section* is beefed up further to include COSM processing and a set of multi-effects optimized for guitar, bass, and keyboard. The 5080 even sports a master EQ per output. Most importantly, with entire XV Series all of this massive DSP processing is heard through 24-bit D/A converters, ensuring crystal-clear sound reproduction.

* Note that because the XV-5080's M-FX section differs slightly from the XV-88/XV-3080, some Patches created on the XV-5080 will have effects set to "Through" when transferred to an XV-88 or XV-3080.

"Future-Proof" Instruments
SRXpandable: Quality-Intensive Sound Expansion
Roland's support of expandable synthesis is evidenced by the wealth of SR-JV80-Series expansion boards currently available. With over 19 titles to choose from, no other synth expansion library even comes close. Keeping this in mind, Roland designed the new XV-Series to be compatible with both SR-JV80-Series and the next-generation SRX-Series wave expansion boards. The credit card-sized SRX-Series boards hold an impressive 64MB of wave data" four times that of the SR-JV80-Series boards or equivalent to the standard wave memory of an XV-5080. Designed with an intense focus on sound quality, the SRX boards provide instant access to its exceptional sounds without hassles or loading time. Thus, you can try out as many sounds as you wish while your musical inspiration is fresh.

XP/JV/SR-JV80 Compatibility
The XV-5080 includes all of the Preset Patches from the industry standard JV-2080. In fact, these Patches will often sound better when played on an XV synth due to the improved waveforms, effects, 24-bit D/A converters and audio circuitry. The XV-5080 is also compatible with Patches from any SR-JV80-Series Expansion Board, provided the board is installed in an open expansion slot. This combination of XP/JV/SR-JV80 Patch compatibility with the SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards easily makes for the largest sound library available in a synthesizer today.

Load Your Favorite Sample CD-ROM's
For those who want to take advantage of existing sample libraries, the XV-5080 offers playback of Roland S-700-Series and Akai S1000/S3000 CD-ROM's through its built-in SCSI port. For even more flexibility, the XV-5080 can also read AIFF and .WAV files. Up to 128MB of optional SIMM memory may be installed, allowing users to convert wave data" and even S-700/S1000/S3000 Patches and S-700 Performances" and store them to the XV-5080's User memory. Loaded sample data can also be stored to external hard drives via SCSI or to SmartMedia cards. With the XV-5080's sample-playback features, it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated sampler for accessing sound libraries on CD-ROM.

XV-5080 SIMM Memory
60 ns or faster
64, 32, 16 MB

Get On the R-BUS
The XV-5080 is easily integrated into an all-digital studio using its S/PDIF digital output (coaxial and optical) or R-BUS output. Offering eight output channels of 24-bit digital audio, the R-BUS port enables the XV-5080 to interface directly with R-BUS-equipped products like the VSR-880 Digital Studio Recorder, or Roland's VM-7000-Series and VM-3100Pro V-Mixers. R-BUS can even be converted to ADAT/Tascam or AES/EBU formats using optional interface boxes. Thanks to its S/PDIF and R-BUS outputs, the XV-5080 can send up to eight channels of digital audio to virtually any piece of digital gear in your studio.

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