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Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox Modular Effects Pedal - Loaded
Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox Modular Effects Pedal

Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox Modular Effects Pedal - Loaded

Eurorack Modular Multi-effects Pedal System for Guitar Players, includes Crush, LFO2, Analog Replicator and Filter Modules
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Availability: Discontinued, no longer available
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Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox Modular Effects Pedal - Loaded

The Patch Box FX1 is a completely new type of multi-effects pedal offering direct access to both the audio and control voltage signal paths. The ability to reroute any signal with a push of a footswitch or by quickly repatching a cable creates an infinitely customizable sonic palate.

The Patch Box FX1 is stuffed with a complete set of our most popular effects modules, including the Analog Replicator, Filter, Crush, and LFO2. The Analog Replicator is a versatile delay that can be bright and clean or dark and dirty with an adjustable range and voltage controllable delay time, feedback, and wet/dry mix. The Filter is a voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter offering creamy smooth lowpass, highpass, notch, and bandpass filters in addition to a chaotic self oscillation mode. Crush is an analog signal decimator. A voltage controlled bit crushing effect that breaks down an audio signal into larger and larger static chunks slowly turning any signal into noise.

The flow of the Patch Box FX1 audio path is not restricted to pedalboard layout. Effects can instantly be rerouted using the patchable footswitches and patch cables. The audio signal path can as simple or complex as needed.

Access to the control voltage signal path takes the Patch Box FX1 to a new level. Control voltages are used to automate module parameters using modulation or expression pedals. An expression pedal or the output of an LFO can be directly assigned to one or more parameters at a time creating powerful, expressive effects.

The Patch Box FX1 includes everything needed to start patching. A Patch Box enclosures, a full compliment of modules, and 12 high quality, Nazca Audio brand braided patch cables are included with each system.

The power of the FX1 does not live in the modules alone. The Patch Box enclosure is packed with the functionality of five highly tuned components integrated into the heavy duty steel enclosure.

A custom designed preamp that adds everything from clean gain to sweet distortion without overdriving the modules within the Patch Box.

Dual, assignable expression pedal inputs allow the Patch Box to integrate 3rd party expression pedals anywhere into the signal path. This allows for realtime foot control of any voltage controllable parameter.

Dual, assignable A/B footswitches expand signal routing options. Perfect for use as on/off switches or to flip between two signals, the footswitches can be patched up to enable/disable individual modules or route audio and control voltages.

A signal splitter is included for routing a single modulation or audio source to multiple destinations.

The last stage of the Patch Box signal path is a master output level control. Adjust the output signal level to connect with a wide range of devices. The Patch Box FX1 can output anything from guitar level to line level signals.

Modules Included:
Patch Box FX 1 Modules:
Analog Replicator Module
Filter Module
Crush Module
LFO2 Module

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