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JL Cooper MMC/9pin+ Midi Converter
JL Cooper MMC/9pin+ Midi Converter

JL Cooper MMC/9pin+ Midi Converter

MIDI Machine Control to RS-422 (9 pin) converter
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Availability: Discontinued, no longer available
Product Code: SKU16689


MMC/9PIN+ is an innovative device integrating the world of MIDI to the world of professional video. It allows computer"based sequencers, audio mixing consoles and digital editing systems to control 422/P2 compatible video tape recorders (VTRs) and disk based recorders. Audio editors, film and video composers can control both a VTR and workstation at the same time.

MMC/9PIN+ translates MMC transport functions, locate points, shuttle and track arming messages into corresponding RS-422 (Sony 9 Pin/P-2) commands. BVU-800/900 emulation is supported. By referencing 9-Pin sync with video, it outputs SMPTE and MTC without wasting an audio track


  • Converts MMC Transport Functions, Autolocates, Track Arming and Shuttle Commands to 9-Pin (Sony BVU-800/900 Emulation)
  • Allows remote control of VTRs from any PC

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