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Hosa FSC-502 footswitch (open)
Hosa FSC-502 footswitch (open)

Hosa FSC-502 footswitch (open)

non-latching open pedal type footswitch, - 10ft cord is hard-wired to pedal,
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Hosa FSC-502 footswitch (open)

Please note the FSC-501 is shown as it is identical and Hosa does not have a picture for the 502. You will get an FSC-502 pedal.

FSC-502 Momentary, Normally Open. A great sustain pedal or patch-advance switch for electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Also great as a punch-in/out switch for multi-track recorders such as those made by Fostex and Tascam or a start/stop switch for drum machines and sequencers.

NOTE: At the time of this writing, the only manufacturers specifying switches like the FSC-503 are Roland, Yamaha and Technics. As far as we know, most other major manufacturers specify switches like the FSC-502.

Some manufacturers, like Kurzweil and Korg, make keyboards and sound modules which check the foot switch jack during the startup self-diagnostic, and adjust themselves accordingly for whatever footswitch is connected at that time. For those keyboards, either the FSC-502 or the FSC-503 will work as long as you plug one of them in before you power-up. There are no standards for footswitch implementation, and music-equipment manufacturers are free to change their minds on this, so the only way to be sure which type of switch will work for your application is to read the equipment manual or call the equipment manufacturer.

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