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Cakewalk Sonar Artist (boxed)
Cakewalk Sonar Artist

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Cakewalk Sonar Artist (boxed)

Software DAW with Instruments, Audio Effects Suite and Touch Control Capabilities - PC VST, DSD
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Cakewalk Sonar Artist

What is SONAR?
SONAR is more than just a digital audio workstation - it's the most advanced music production environment available today. Choose the creative experience only SONAR offers: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an inviting interface that amplifies inspiration. Capture pristine recordings in the award-winning, touch-enabled Skylight User Interface—then take advantage of the comprehensive editing, mixing, mastering, and publishing tools to craft your masterpiece.

New in SONAR 2015
The entire SONAR lineup includes powerful new technologies like Mix Recall, Onscreen Virtual Controller, and a New MIDI Engine. We've enhanced SONAR's industry leading integration with Melodyne ARA and ProChannel in SONAR Professional, plus added brand new integration like Drum Replacer and VocalSync in SONAR Platinum.

Rolling Updates - Innovation delivered monthly
In order to give you the best possible music production experience, we have changed the way we develop and deliver product updates. Instead of releasing one big upgrade each year, we are now delivering smaller, focused updates continuously throughout the year. Rolling updates will not only include fixes and enhancements, but also major feature updates. We believe rolling updates are easier to learn, easier to install, and make the software more stable - all of which helps you make better music every day.

Everything You Need to Craft Your Masterpiece.
Designed to meet the needs of any musician, SONAR's advanced recording suite has your creativity matched at every stage of your musical process.

Get Started Quickly
Track templates, screensets, matrix view, step sequencers, and more let you focus on music as soon as SONAR boots

Score your music with SONAR’s integrated staff view - ideal for songwriters and composers

New Piano Roll View
SONAR’s new, improved, and powerful PRV streamlines creating and editing MIDI sequences

We bring the band
No band? No problem. Count on SONAR to fill out your tracks with an impressive suite of virtual instruments

Social media sharing
Use SoundCloud integration to share your music on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites

Sing your instrument parts
Hum, whistle or sing into SONAR - then use Melodyne's audio-to-MIDI function to convert your melodies into instrument parts

SONAR. Amped up!
From vintage throwback to futuristic perfection, inspiring guitar and bass tones are only a click away with SONAR's amps and effects - and complement guitar-specific tools like chord chart notation, tab, and fret view

Overloud TH2 Amps
Plug in to exclusive virtual rigs - and take your guitar anywhere, from sparkly clean to high-gain madness

Strum Acoustic Session
Accompany yourself as SONAR triggers realistically strummed acoustic guitar parts

Blue Tubes Valve Driver
Add character, warmth, and serious mojo with vintage tube amp saturation effects

Comp the perfect solo
SONAR re-invents comping with the fastest, most efficient way to transform multiple performances into a perfect composite track

Chord Chart & Tab
Notate, compose, or print music with standard notation staff view and guitar tab - perfect for guitar students and teachers

YouTube Export
Export your songs and performances directly from SONAR to today’s #1 music delivery medium

Vocals. In perfect harmony.
Creating the perfect vocal take has never been easier thanks to SONAR's seamless workflow and toolset.

Quickly align and tighten multiple vocal takes - whether doubled vocals, background vocals, or ADR for film

Melodyne Essential
The world's leading pitch correction software integrates seamlessly with SONAR, thanks to ARA protocol support

Take Lanes & Comping
SONAR re-invents comping with the fastest, most efficient way to transform multiple performances into a perfect composite track

REmatrix Solo
Convolution technology flatters your vocals with lush, super-realistic Hall, Room, Plate, and other reverb effects

PC76 U-Type Compressor
Experience lightning-fast vocal dynamics control with this accurate model of iconic FET-based compression

VX-64 Vocal Strip
Polish vocals with one-stop dynamics, de-essing, EQ, doubling, saturation, and frequency-selective delay

World class drum sounds
When creating rhythmic patterns, grooving with loops, or tweaking live drums to studio perfection, SONAR has the tools - from instruments to processors.

Addictive Drums 2
The world's finest drum kits, percussion instruments, and patterns (included in Professional/Platinum versions)

Session Drummer 3
This drummer shows up on time, never misses a beat, and brings high quality kits from Roland, Steven Slate, and more

Step Sequencer
From hip-hop to hardcore, make body-shaking beats in minutes - with options for deep editing and “humanization”

PX-64 Percussion Strip
One-stop drum processing with EQ, dynamics, transient shaping, saturation, and delay

PC4K Bus Compressor
"Glue" your kit’s audio tracks together with this meticulously modeled classic bus compressor

TS-64 Transient Shaper
Go beyond conventional dynamics for larger-than-life sounds - from cracking snares to ultra-powerful kicks

Epic, pro studio sound.
At your fingertips. Deliver every mix with state-of-the-art clarity, nuance, and speed using SONAR’s massive collection of processing plug-ins and unique, configurable mixer architecture

Skylight Interface
Combining beauty, brains, and efficiency, this award-winning interface makes serious recording fun again

Mix Recall
Never second-guess a mix again: switch among multiple saved mixes for easy, one-click comparisons

Experience that big analog sound - and even create your own mixer architecture - with customizable channel strips

64-bit Mix engine
Record your performances with utmost precision using SONAR's brilliant 64-bit audio engine.

Expandable Sends & FX
See the big picture, and add as many sends or FX as your screen resolution can handle

Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
SONAR now supports DSD, a high definition 1-bit audio format commonly used to archive masters in high resolution

Step up to the producer’s chair
Produce, arrange, edit, enhance, overdub, and remix with SONAR’s agile user interface and cutting-edge production environment.

Dynamic Control Bar
From compact laptop to multiple monitors, SONAR’s revamped Control Bar gives instant access to your go-to functions

New Pattern Tool
Save time and speed workflow by “painting” MIDI loops and patterns across the PRV and Track View

Revamped with new a look and algorithm, AudioSnap performs timing and tempo tweaking in style

Tone2 Bifilter2
This sound designer’s dream offers a mind-boggling 47 unique filter types and 8 different distortion models

Matrix View
Remix on the fly, try different arrangements, and even capture everything in track view - never lose your inspirations

Step Sequencer
From hip-hop to hardcore, make body-shaking beats in minutes - with options for deep editing and “humanization”

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