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Blue Microphones Snowball USB
Blue Microphones Snowball USB

Blue Microphones Snowball USB

Plug and play USB pro quality mic
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Availability: Discontinued, no longer available
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Blue Microphones Snowball USB

Easy-to-use USB condenser mic captures unheard-of detail whether you're recording a band in a professional studio or an acoustic guitar in your living room. The Snowball is ideal for podcasting as well. Plug-and-play your Snowball with your PC or Mac with no added software. The Snowball's 3-pattern switch allows you to choose from cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad, and omnidirectional. The dual-capsule design allows the Snowball to handle anything you can throw at it, from soft vocals to loud garage bands.

Plug into your USB computer and record!
Designed for desktop recording applications, the Snowball incorporates Blue's styling with versatility and ease of use. The mic's universal driver and plug and play USB compatibility make recording into your laptop or DAW quick and easy, while its dual capsule design and three-position switch dial in the desired sound for many applications.

Three distinct tones from dual capsules
The Snowball's versatility is achieved by its unique dual-capsule design, with one capsule tailored for vocals and the other for instruments. A 3-position switch on the back of the mic lets you change between the capsules. The first position activates the cardioid capsule, best suited for a robust vocal sound. The second position engages a -10dB pad that's good for recording electric guitars. The third position activates both Snowball capsules to create an omnidirectional pattern, best for choirs and other widely dispersed sources.

Outstanding vocal performance
Vocalists love singing into unique and impressive mics like the Snowball. Put it in front of any singer and you're sure to get an inspired performance. For a "big" vocal sound, position the vocalist within one to four inches of the diaphragm. With the input volume properly adjusted in your computer's settings, there is no need to worry about overloading the Snowball, but be sure to use a high-quality sonically neutral pop filter, such as the optional Blue Pop, to control plosives and protect the diaphragm.

Great for guitars and other instruments
Because of its neutral response and solid bottom end, the Snowball is an excellent mic for any clean or distorted guitar amp. Position the diaphragm toward the center of the speaker or dust cap to capture more highs, or toward the edge of the speaker cone for a fuller sound with more low end. For overdriven or distorted tones, move the Snowball towards the outer edge of the speaker cone, or back it away from the amp a foot or more to blend room tone with direct pickup and soften high frequencies. Give the Snowball a try on electric bass, blues harmonica, and organ too!

Includes stylish stand and USB cable
Now the Snowball is an even greater value! The Snowball mic package now includes the Blue Snowball Kit, with a stylish tripod desk stand and a USB cable. So setting up your Snowball will be fast and easy anywhere.

Blue Snowball USB Mic Features:
  • Condenser mic with dual capsules
  • Cardioid or omnidirectional pickup patterns
  • -10dB pad handles extra-loud sources
  • Frequency response 40Hz-18kHz
  • Excellent vocal reproduction
  • Versatile instrument mic

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